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For two years Lynden Fire Department has had four Firefighter/EMTs on duty 24/7. It has paid off many times over. In the last 6 months LFD has averaged 20 back to back calls a month. That means either Firefighters are on a call and another call comes in or two of the four EMTs are transporting someone to the hospital and another call for assistance comes in. This does not take into consideration that if we had a fire call needing a minimum of 10 to 12 firefighters on scene. LFD has begun tracking how often triple calls occur. Those have been averaging 3 a month in the last 6 months. Lynden Fire Department’s call load has been increasing every year. In 2014 LFD has responded to 1537 calls and are on a pace to respond to over 1600 this year. Eighty-five percent of calls are medical and 15% are fires, fire alarms or hazard material type calls. The Lynden Station is the second busiest single station in the County with our back up Engine or Ambulance 12 minutes away. Lynden Fire Department transported 500 patients to St. Joseph Hospital in 2014.

In addition to responding to requests for emergency services the Department conducts Life Safety Inspections of businesses in Lynden. The Community has been very fortunate to not have many fires in town and LFD would like to keep it that way. Safety inspections are being done to protect business’ facilities and the employees and those they serve. Inspections also help in maintaining insurance ratings so businesses do not pay a high premium for insurance. Firefighters have the opportunity to view the lay out of the many buildings in town which assists them in preplanning emergency responses.

In addition to responding to calls and conducting Life Safety inspections, Firefighters provide station tours for school classes including pre-schools, girl scouts, boy scouts. CPR classes are held every other month for the public. Arrangements for CPR and First Aid classes for bigger groups such as businesses and charity clubs can be made through the LFD office. LFD taught 4 or 5 fire extinguisher classes already this year. The annual Babysitting Clinic was held in January with 39 young people graduating after 20 hours of class room time. There are some bright young people out there and I really enjoyed teaching them.

The last thing I would like to touch on is fireworks in Lynden. I personally love to see fireworks, but I do not like the carelessness of some people shooting fireworks nearby another person’s home or business. It is legal to set off consumer fireworks (old Safe and Sane) in Lynden, but please be responsible for your actions. Put all spent fireworks in a bucket of water, stay out of the middle of the road or street, and make sure only adults light off fireworks. LFD will be out driving around again this year on the 4th of July. This makes responding to emergency calls quicker and also deters the use of illegal fireworks in the City.

Mission Statement: The Lynden Fire Department shall strive to provide the highest level of technical expertise achievable in the areas of fire suppression, rescue, hazardous materials response, emergency medical service delivery, code enforcement, fire prevention and public education, always striving to obtain the fastest delivery time obtainable to our public with a combination (career/volunteer) system.

Gary Baar, Fire Chief

Did you know? Persons who are Medicaid eligible and who reside in a nursing facility, boarding home, adult family home, or receive in-home services are eligible for an exemption in the Ambulance Utility Rate. If you meet the criteria above or wish to learn more click here to download flyer and application

All Fire Department downloadable forms and applications can be found HERE. All forms and applications for the City of Lynden can be found HERE.

Gary Baar
Gary BaarFire Chief

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