Burn Bans And Recreation Burns

//Burn Bans And Recreation Burns
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Burn Ban Information

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The Burn Ban Information hotline phone number is 676-6934.

Recreational Burns


September 18, 2017        Recreational Burns are now permitted within the City of Lynden.

Recreational fires are permitted in the City of Lynden providing you have a permit. These permits are issued at the fire station on 4th Street during normal business hours. The permits are free of charge and are valid for the calendar year.

Recreational fires are for enjoying roasted marshmallows and relaxing. Only clean dry wood may be used. Absolutely no waste may be burned. Fires must be in a pit. Never place your fire pit near a structure and always keep your charged garden hose nearby while enjoying your fire.

Please refrain from having a recreational fire when the weather is dry and/or windy. Please be considerate of your neighbors. The Fire Department often receives calls from neighbors who are bothered by the smoke from these fires. We ask that you use good judgement regarding the wind causing the smoke to waft towards open windows of other homes.