Fire Extinguishers

Letter from Lynden's Fire Marshal

Fire extinguishers are required in all businesses. Federal requirements are specified in National Fire Protection Agency NFPA 10 and by OSHA and State Building Codes. The requirements state that fire extinguishers shall be serviced annually and shall have a current service tag attached.

Previously Lynden Fire Department has permitted businesses to purchase a fire extinguisher and attach the sales slip circumventing the required annual inspection by a professional fire protection company. This will no longer be permitted.

As the City Fire Marshal and Firefighters are inspecting local businesses, they have been letting business owners/managers know the sales slip method will not be acceptable in place of extinguishers being serviced annually by a professional fire protection company.

Please have your business' extinguishers serviced annually by a professional to help assure a safe place for your business.

Fire Marshal
Gary Baar