Life Safety Inspections

The Lynden Fire Department would like to inform the public about Life Safety Inspections (LSI). Each business within the City Limits of Lynden will be required to have a Life Safety Inspection annually. The Fire Chief or Firefighters that arrive to inspect the business are using the latest version of the International Fire Code (IFC) to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and customers. After an inspection is complete, the Lynden Fire Department will meet with the responsible parties to inform them of any hazards or violations that may have been found. The business will then be given a reasonable amount of time to correct the issue(s). Once the proper corrections have been made, the business should inform the Lynden Fire Department so they are able to re-inspect. A violation will not result in citations, nor will it result in a business being shut down unless the business fails to cooperate with Fire Department. The Lynden Fire Department has every intention of working with local businesses to make sure both the business, and our community is as safe as possible.

Some of the common hazards Firefighters are faced with are: blocked exits, outdated or missing fire extinguishers, lack of exit signs, overloaded extension cords, and faulty emergency lighting to name a few. Listed below are examples of violations found during an inspection. Please note that some violations below may vary according to the type of occupancy and/or number of people.

Fire extinguishers are required in all businesses. Federal requirements are specified in National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 10 and by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and State Building Codes. The requirements state that fire extinguishers shall be serviced annually and shall have a current service tag attached.

Further Information

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to schedule an inspection, please call the Lynden Fire Department at 360-354-4400.

Business Pre-Inspection Checklist

Business Pre-Inspection Checklist