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Codes Enforcement Officer Looking at a Dog in a CrateThe Ordinances

Listed below is a summary of the City of Lynden animal ordinances which apply to most pet owners. For more information on these and other animal control ordinances, please contact Lynden Animal Control at the Lynden Police Department.


Every dog over the age of four months must be licensed and wear the license tag on its collar or harness. This includes every dog whether it is kept indoors or out. Licenses are valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Proof of rabies vaccination is required.

License fees are:

  • Unsterile: $30 per year
  • Neutered or spayed: $15 per year

Dog License Application - New or Renewal.

Dangerous Dogs

If your dog bites someone, approaches and chases people or inflicts severe harm, it may be declared a dangerous dog and be subject to confiscation, or you may be required to meet confinement regulations.

Number Allowed

You may have no more than three of any species of common household pets, four months of age or older, per dwelling. Pigs and roosters are not allowed within the city limits.

Reasons for Impound

  • Animal running at large and/or no license.
  • Animal bite
  • Cruelty
  • Dangerous dogs

At Large

If your dog is off your property and not under your immediate control by means of a leash, cord, or chain no longer than eight feet, it will be considered "at large".

Animal Bites

If your animal bites someone, breaking the skin of that person, you must report this to Animal Control at 360-354-2828. Also, the animal must be quarantined for ten days, either at the owner's residence or at a shelter at the owner's expense.


It is unlawful to own or keep an animal which unreasonably annoys or disturbs others with frequent or habitual barking, howling, yelping, or crying.

Review the Barking Dog Municipal Code.


It is unlawful for any person to knowingly subject any animal to inhumane treatment. It must be provided with adequate shelter, food and water.

Dog in Heat

It is unlawful for the owner or person in charge of any dog in heat to keep such dog in a location where it is accessible to male dogs.


The nuisance and/or littering ordinances may generally apply to pets and their owners as follows:

  • Excessive or untimely barking.
  • Chasing pedestrians.
  • Chasing vehicles.
  • Attacking other domestic animals.
  • Depositing excretory matter on public or private property.

City of Lynden Codes Enforcement VanImpoundment

When a licensed animal is impounded, the Animal Control Officer will make every attempt to notify the owner of the impoundment and the reason for impoundment. If you find your pet missing, it is your obligation to ascertain the location of your pet. While every effort is made to notify owners of impounded animals, it remains the responsibility of the owner to locate missing pets. Please call the Animal Control Officer at 360-354-2828 if your dog is missing.

Parks & Streets

Dogs are welcome in some areas of the city parks and on all public streets. Please respect signs in the city parks restricting areas for dogs. All animals must be on a leash and you are required to promptly clean up any waste left by your pet on public or private property.


Current city ordinances do not require the licensing of cats. However, each dwelling is allowed no more than three cats four months of age or older.


Please contact Lynden Animal Control for specific regulations regarding livestock.

Services Provided

  • Control vicious animals.
  • Impound and care for stray animals.
  • Investigate cruelty complaints.
  • Round up stray livestock.
  • Issue citations for violations.
  • Act as expert witnesses in court cases.
  • Assist public in animal related problems.

You Can Help

  • Abide by the law. License your pet, attach the license tag to its collar, keep it off the streets and provide proper food, water, shelter, care, most of all, love.
  • Don't allow your animals to have unwanted litters. Spay or neuter your pet.
  • Don't let your pet bother neighbors by barking or being a nuisance.
  • Remove waste products quickly and prevent health hazards.

The Animal Control Program is part of the Lynden Police Department. For personal contact, immediate response, or general information, call 360-354-2828 and the Animal Control Officer will contact you as soon as possible.

Whatcom County Humane Society phone number is 360-733-2080.

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