Stormwater Projects

Stormwater Decant Facility - Located on the City's existing Public Works Maintenance Yard (Completed in 2021)

Northwest Washington Fairgrounds Stormwater Improvements

This project will improve water quality in Fishtrap Creek through the implementation of low impact development practices at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds and Event Center in the City of Lynden using an Ecology-funded design. The project will construct facilities to provide treatment for total suspended solids (TSS), dissolved copper, dissolved zinc, total phosphorus, and other contaminants and will also reduce excessive flows to Fishtrap Creek by increasing stormwater infiltration.

Judson Street Low Impact Development Demonstration

This project will improve water quality in the Nooksack River through design of stormwater low impact development (LID) best management practices at Judson Street in the City of Lynden. The design will include enhanced treatment for total suspended solids, dissolved coper, and dissolved zinc.

Pepin Creek

This project will address a water quality problem caused by erosive stream banks along Pepin (Double Ditch) Creek. A proposed stream bypass for Pepin Creek south of Badger Road will provide stream bank stabilization for 1,600 feet of fragile shoreline along Pepin Creek south of Main Street. Additionally, two properties will be acquired to protect and expand riparian habitat for Pepin and Fishtrap Creeks.