Can I attend the council meetings?

City Council meetings, special meetings, work sessions and committee meetings are open to the public. The Lynden City Council regular meeting begins at 7 p.m. on the first and third Monday of the month with the exception of holidays. If there is a holiday the Council meeting is held on the next scheduled business day. Council meetings are held at the City Hall Annex located at 205 4th Street at 7:00 PM.  During a regular council meeting, you may:

  • Listen and watch.
  • Present a new issue or raise a concern under the “Citizen Comment" section of the agenda.
  • Speak on a specific item during the "Public Hearing" section of the agenda. 

You may find that council moves swiftly in taking action on council agenda items. This happens when they have previously reviewed the topic in the council committee meetings.  

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2. Can I attend the council meetings?
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