What is the process for providing comment at a public hearing?

A public hearing offers you a formal opportunity to give your views to the Council on the subject of the hearing

To give testimony, step up to the microphone and identify yourself by stating your name and the city where you reside for the record. You are not required to give this information, but it is helpful for the Council to know who you are. When you talk to the Council during a public hearing, Council members, staff and the audience will remain silent. After the last person has spoken, the hearing will be closed. The City Council will then discuss and make a decision on the issue. The audience may not comment during Council’s deliberations unless a Council member requests more information from a citizen.

Council welcomes participation in all public meetings and encourages you to share information and thoughts at public hearings.   If you are unable to attend a public hearing or would rather not give testimony at the meeting, you are encouraged to submit your comments by letter or email which then becomes a part of the official record. 

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