When is my court date?

Find your court date.

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1. When is Lynden court in session? What is the schedule?
2. Where is Lynden court located?
3. When is the court window in city hall open?
4. When is my court date?
5. Can I pay a ticket from another jurisdiction in Lynden?
6. What happens if I don't pay my court fine?
7. Can I make payments on my fine? Does Lynden court accept credit cards?
8. What is the difference between mitigation and contested?
9. Can I receive legal advice from the City's Attorney's Office?
10. Where can I get legal help if I can't afford an attorney?
11. Who should I call to find out about my traffic infraction?
12. Who should I contact to find out about my police report?
13. Who should I call to find out what will happen as a result of my arrest?
14. Who do I contact about domestic violence issues and Protections and No Contact Orders?