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City of Lynden Contact Information

City Hall phone numbers and phone tree can be found HERE.

Detailed contact information can be obtained by selecting the desired department: Administration, Council Members, Courts, Finance, Fire, Police, Parks, Planning & Community Development, Public Works.

After Hours Emergency Number 360-815-5755
For: broken waterline, sewer backup, emergency water shutoff/turn on, Fire Department hydrant tampering, illegal dumping or assistance at the Lynden Municipal Airport.

For Life Safety Emergencies (Police and/or Fire) Dial 911

Lynden City Hall’s main Phone number is (360) 354-1170.

For your convenience locate your party’s extension, you may press # and enter the extension number at any time.

Option Department
Press 1 Lynden Municipal Court
Press 2 Business Licenses and Special Events
Press 3 Water and Utility Billing
Press 4 Finance and Accounts Payable
Press 5 City Administration
Press 6 Human Resources
Press 7 Planning and Zoning
Press 8 Public Works and Building Permits
Press 9 Replay the Menu


Administration: (360) 354-1170 Press 5

Scott Korthuis – Mayor E-mail
Mike Martin – City Administrator E-mail
Vanessa Bronsema – Human Resource Manager E-mail
Pam Brown – City Clerk E-mail
City Hall – E-mail


Tammy Graham – Court Services Coordinator (360) 255-7082
Tammy DeZeeuw – Court Services Coordinator (360) 255-7084
Court E-mail

Court department location:

Municipal Court hearings are held at this location:


Finance Main Number: (360) 354-2829

Anthony Burrows – Finance Director E-mail
Linde Schreifels – Accounting Supervisor (Accounting/Payroll)
Jaimie Noteboom – Accounting Technician (Utility Billing) E-mail
Linda Handy – Accounting Technician (A/P) E-mail
Jenn Franks – Accounting Technician (A/R)
Stacy O. Christensen – Senior Accounting Technician (Accounting/ PW Payroll)

Fire Department 

Main Number: (360) 354-4400

Mark Billmire – Fire Chief E-mail
Sandi Dalessandro – Fire Support Services Manager  E-mail

Shift Officers
Chad Baar – Fire Captain E-mail
Branden Brink – Fire Captain E-mail
Michael Whittley – Fire Captain E-mail


Main Number: (360) 354-6717

Vern Meenderinck – Parks & Recreation Director
Nancy Norris – Recreation Coordinator
Parks E-mail


Planning and Community Development 

Main Number: (360) 354-5532

Planning E-mail

Heidi Gudde – Planning Director, E-Mail
Korene Samec – Planner, E-Mail
Dave Timmer –  Planner, E-Mail


Main Number: (360) 354-2828
Police E-mail

John M. Billester – Chief of Police

Holly Vega – Police Support Services Manager
Dawn Castle – Records/Communications Specialist
Sharon Clark – Records/Communications Specialist
Rick Johal – Code Enforcement Officer (Animal Control, Parking, etc)

Public Works 

Main Number: (360) 354-3446
Customer Service – E-Mail
Steve Banham, P. E. – Public Works Director E-mail
Mark Sandal – Programs Manager
Laura Burford – PW-Administrative Office Manager
Jean Taylor-Byers – PW-Permit Technician
Heather Sytsma – Senior Administrative Assistant
Lori Jilk, PW-Administrative Assistant
Chris Libolt – Street Utility Technician
Christina Brewer – GIS Analyst
Ted Brouwer – Building Official
Tamara Adams – Plant(s) Superintendent
Dale TeVelde – Street-Systems Superintendent

After Hours Public Works Emergency line: (360) 815-5755