City of Lynden Contact Information

City Hall phone numbers and phone tree can be found HERE.

Detailed contact information can be obtained by selecting the desired department: Administration, Council Members, Courts, Finance, Fire, Police, Parks, Planning & Community Development, Public Works.

For Life Safety Emergencies (Police and/or Fire) Dial 911

Only For: broken waterline, sewer backup, emergency water shutoff/turn on, Fire Department hydrant tampering, illegal dumping or assistance at the Lynden Municipal Airport: After Hours Call 360-815-5755

Lynden City Hall’s main Phone number is (360) 354-1170.

For your convenience locate your party’s extension, you may press # and enter the extension number at any time.

Press 1Lynden Municipal Court
Press 2Business Licenses and Special Events
Press 3Water and Utility Billing
Press 4Finance and Accounts Payable
Press 5City Administration
Press 6Human Resources
Press 7Planning and Zoning
Press 8Public Works and Building Permits
Press 9Replay the Menu


Administration: (360) 354-1170 Press 5

Scott Korthuis – Mayor E-mail
Mike Martin – City Administrator E-mail
Vanessa Bronsema – Human Resource Manager E-mail
Pam Brown – City Clerk E-mail
City Hall – E-mail


Tammy Graham – Court Services Coordinator (360) 255-7082
Tammy DeZeeuw – Court Services Coordinator (360) 255-7084
Court E-mail

Court department location:

Municipal Court hearings are held at this location:


Finance Main Number: (360) 354-2829

Anthony Burrows – Finance Director E-mail
Linde Schreifels – Accounting Supervisor
Jaimie Noteboom – Accounting Technician (Utility Billing) E-mail
Linda Handy – Accounting Technician (A/P) E-mail
Jenn Franks – Accounting Technician (A/R, Payroll)
Stacy O. Christensen – Senior Accounting Technician

Fire Department 

Main Number: (360) 354-4400

Mark Billmire – Fire Chief E-mail
Sandi Dalessandro – Fire Support Services Manager  E-mail

Shift Officers
Chad Baar – Fire Captain E-mail
Branden Brink – Fire Captain E-mail
Michael Whittley – Fire Captain E-mail


Main Number: (360) 354-6717

Vern Meenderinck – Parks & Recreation Director
Nancy Norris – Recreation Coordinator
Parks E-mail


Planning and Community Development 

Main Number: (360) 354-5532

Planning E-mail

Heidi Gudde – Planning Director, E-Mail
Korene Samec – Planner, E-Mail
Dave Timmer –  Planner, E-Mail


Main Number: (360) 354-2828
Police E-mail

John M. Billester – Chief of Police

Holly Vega – Police Support Services Manager
Dawn Castle – Records/Communications Specialist
Sharon Clark – Records/Communications Specialist
Rick Johal – Code Enforcement Officer (Animal Control, Parking, etc)

Public Works 

Main Number: (360) 354-3446
Customer Service – E-Mail
Steve Banham, P. E. – Public Works Director E-mail
Mark Sandal – Programs Manager
Laura Burford – PW-Administrative Office Manager
Jean Taylor-Byers – PW-Permit Technician
Heather Sytsma – Senior Administrative Assistant
Lori Jilk, PW-Administrative Assistant
Chris Libolt – Street Utility Technician
Christina Brewer – GIS Analyst
Ted Brouwer – Building Official
Tamara Adams – Plant(s) Superintendent
Dale TeVelde – Street-Systems Superintendent

After Hours Public Works Emergency line: (360) 815-5755