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Fire Department Plan Review Fees
Total ValuationFee Amount
$0 to $2000$00 (No Fee)
$10,001 to $20,000$75.00
$20,001 to $50,000$158.00
$50,001 to $100,000$225.00
$100,001 to $250,000$300.00
$250,001 to $500,000$450.00
$500,001 TO 1,000,000$750.00
$1,000,001 and up$750 plus 0.075% of valuation over $1,000,000
Fire Department Inspection Fees
Inspection and ReinspectionsFee Amount
1. Inspections outside the City’s normal work schedule. (Two hour minimum charge.)$126.00 per hr
2. Re-inspection fees, when such portion of work for which inspection is called is not complete or when corrections called for are not made. (One hour minimum charge.)$84.00 per hr
3. Inspection for which no fee is specifically indicated (One hour minimum charge.)$84.00 per hr
4. Additional plan review required by changes, additions to revisions to plans (One hour minimum charge.)$84.00 per hr
Fire Sprinkler Fees
NEW NFPR13 / NFPR 13R SYSTEM (Wet, Dry, Preaction, Deluge)
Sprinkler CountFee Amount
1 to 100 sprinkler heads$375.00
101 to 200 sprinkler heads$425.00
201 to 300 sprinkler heads$475.00
301 to 400 sprinkler heads$525.00
401 to 500 sprinkler heads$575.00
Over 500 sprinkler heads$.30 per head over 500 heads + $575.00
Stand Alone Standpipe Fees
QuantityFee Amount
Standpipe(s) – per riser$40 Standpipe (then per riser fee – see below)
Number of Dry Risers$40 Per Riser (over the 2 as provided for with the Standpipe fee above)
Number of Wet Risers
Number of Pressure Reducing Valves$40 Per Pressure Reducing Valve
Site Plan$150
Modifications or Alterations to Sprinkler System Fees
Number of Sprinkler Heads:Fee Amount
01 – 20$100.00
21 – 40$175.00
41 – 60$250.00
61 – 80$325.00
81 – 100$400.00
Hydraulic Calculations$80.00
NFPA 13D Single Family
SizeFee Amount
0 – 5,000 square feet$175.00
5,000 – 10,000 square feet$250.00
10,000+ square feet$400.00
Duplex – add $50.00 to each of the above
Fire Pumps
Per UnitFee Amount
Fire Pump$100.00
FLP – Underground Fire Line Permit
Per UnitFee Amount
Underground Fire Line$252 Each
FHP– Fire Hood Permit
Number of Range HoodsFee Amount
With 1 – 12 Flow Points$175 Per Hood
With > 12 Flow Points$300 For the First 12 Flow Points, Then $3/Flow Point Thereafter
Other Fixed Suppression Systems (i.e. FM-200, Spray Booth)$275 Each
FAP– Fire Alarm Permit
Number of Fire Alarm DevicesFee Amount
1 to 50 Fire Alarm Devices$200.00
51 to 75 Fire alarm Devices$300.00
76 to 100 Fire Alarm Devices$400.00
101 to 125 Fire Alarm Devices$500.00
126 to 150 Fire Alarm Devices$600.00
Over 150 Fire Alarm Devices$1.50 per Device over 150 Devices + $700.00
Field Inspection Services
InspectionFee Amount
Inspection & Testing of Fire Sprinkler System$84 per hour
Inspection & Testing of Special Hazard System$84 per hour
Inspection & Testing of Fire Alarm System$84 per hour
Miscellaneous FeesFee Amount
Explosive/Blasting Agents$100
Fireworks Sales$25
Fireworks Displays Pyrotechnics$50
Engine Co. Standby for Fireworks$120
Flammable/Combustible Liquids
Remove Class I or II Liquids$100
Install, Construct, Alter, Operate (Per Tank)$250
Remove Tank Under 1,100 Gallons (Per Tank)$75
Remove Tank Over 1,100 gallons (Per tank)$250
Change Contents$50
Hazardous materials FeesFee Amount
Store Transport Dispense Handle$100
Install Repair Abandon Remove$250
Out of Service Close Modify$250
Stand by Gas Leak (Per Hour)$180