Lynden Historic Preservation

Lynden passed its Historic Preservation Ordinance (No 1492) in November, 2015.  The Ordinance adopted a new Chapter 19.65 Historic Preservation to the Lynden Municipal Code and institutes a process for the identification, evaluation and protection of historic resources within the City of Lynden.

This Chapter is valuable to Lynden for several reasons:

  • It instills a sense of pride and cultural value on historically significant structures and landmarks in the city.
  • It determines a process for identifying and protecting eligible buildings, neighborhoods, and landmarks for inclusion in the Lynden Register of Historic Places.
  • It sets up a process for the protection of Historic Places and works to prevent conflicts as the city continues to develop.
  • It incentivizes, through a Special Valuation designation, the potential rehabilitation of historic buildings.

LMC Chapter 19.65 Historic Preservation Ordinance

City of Lynden Historic Preservation Program Strategy

City of Lynden Historic Preservation Informational Brochure

The Lynden Historic Preservation Commission is a 5 member citizen committee that is responsible for ensuring that Lynden upholds its Historic Preservation Ordinance.  The Commission is responsible for educating the public about the City’s historic resources, for maintaining the Lynden Register of Historic Places, and reviewing proposals for rehabilitation or changes to these Places.

The Commissioners are Mayor-appointed and confirmed by the City Council.  They serve 3 year terms and must demonstrate a significant interest in local history and/or professional experience in the fields of history, anthropology, archaeology, architecture or related fields.

The Lynden Historic Preservation Commissioners:

Patti Leach

Troy Luginbill

Karin Schulhauser

Denny DeMeyer

One Position is Vacant:  Please contact the Planning Dept if you might be interested in serving.

City Staff: Dave Timmer, City Planner

The 1980 amendments to the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, provided for the establishment of a CLG program to encourage the direct participation of local governments in the identification, evaluation, registration, and preservation of historic properties within their jurisdictions and promote the integration of local preservation interests and concerns into local planning and decision-making processes.  The CLG program is a partnership among local governments, the State of Washington Department of Archeaology and Historic Preservation (DAHP), and the National Park Service (NPS) which is responsible for administering the National Historic Preservation Program.

Specific CLG responsibilities:

  • Review Register of Historic Places Nomination Applications
  • Review Changes to Registered Properties (Certificate of Appropriateness – exemptions: maintenance, emergency repair)
  • Review Special Valuation applications
  • Public Outreach and Education (Brochures, Resource Information)
  • Initiate Nominations
Lynden will be adding nomination forms and application materials as the Commission approves of their format

Register Nomination

Special Valuation Application

In 2018 the City of Lynden was awarded a grant from the Dept of Archaeology and Historic Preservation to perform a reconnaissance level survey of the city limits. Northwest Vernacular, performed the reconnaissance survey.

2018 Reconnaissance Level Survey Report

2018 Survey Presentation