fingerprinting photo

We offer fingerprinting services by appointment only. Please call our office at 360-354-2828 any time during regular office hours to schedule an appointment.

Our fee is $12.00 per person for one or two cards, any additional cards are $6.00/per card. We are happy to accept personal checks or cash, but are unable to process any kind of debit or credit card. When paying in cash, it is helpful to have as close to the amount owed as possible, since we do not have a large change fund.

You will need to bring official identification such as a driver’s license with you.

Please read your instructions carefully so you will know everything that is required for the purpose you are being fingerprinted. If you are uncertain, it may be a good idea to bring your instructions with you. We will be happy to help you properly fill in the information on your card, however, if you prefer to do this before hand, please follow the “Guide for Completing a Fingerprint Card”. It is important to remember to use black ink only when filling in the information requested on your card.

If you tend to have dry skin, or do rough work with your hands, it may help us to get the clearest prints possible if you moisturize your hands with lotion for a couple days before your appointment.

The fingerprinting process usually takes about 20-30 minutes, sometimes a little longer.

Courtesy List of Agencies that provide fingerprinting services. Please check with each agency for updates.