The Lynden Police Department recognizes that there are appropriate private events and/or circumstances in which the organizers may be concerned for the safety & well being of their guests, so will request one or more off duty police officer present to keep the peace. As these events are outside the standard police services & protection provided to the public, the organizer will be charged the officer’s overtime rate to work the event.

Any citizen or organization wishing to hire a uniformed, commissioned police officer for law enforcement related work should contact the Lynden Police Department a minimum of a week before the event, as all requests must be reviewed by the Chief of Police for approval and an agreement form signed. All off duty assignments are on a voluntary basis, therefore requests received less than one week before the date of the event may not be approved due to insufficient time to arrange for an off duty officer to be available.

Officers performing extra duty assignments will do so in his/her official capacity as a police officer, in full uniform, with department equipment, including the use of an official patrol vehicle. Please be advised that the officers will be required to follow departmental policies & procedures and will enforce all applicable Washington State law and City of Lynden ordinances while dealing with any possible activity or incidents that occur at or in connection with the event.

The hourly rate is calculated using the officer’s overtime rate (1 1/2 times regular hourly wage) plus required basic benefits such as social security, L&I, unemployment insurance, retirement, etc. There is a three (3) hour minimum charge for each officer. Please see the Private Duty Request Agreement for the current rate.

A completed application/agreement form are needed to start the process. Payment is required in advance at the time you submit your written request for an officer.

Lynden Police Department, 203 19th Street, Lynden, WA 98264.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at 360-354-2828.

Download Private Duty Request Agreement HERE.