If you are the defendant in a criminal proceeding:

If you have an attorney, he or she will file with the court to request records necessary for your defense. If you do not have an attorney or would just like to request police reports yourself, you may obtain your reports as follows:

  • For cases to be heard in Lynden Municipal Court, you may request your reports from the Lynden Municipal Court, 300 4th Street, Lynden, WA, 354-4270.

If you would like to speak to the City of Lynden’s Prosecuting Attorney, Greg Greenan, regarding your case, he may be reached at Carmichael Clark, 1700 D Street, Bellingham, WA 98225, (360)647-1500.

Lynden Police Department does not require payment for copies of police reports provided to defendants.

  • If your case will be heard in the Whatcom County Superior Court, you must request reports from the Whatcom County Prosecutor’s Office at the Whatcom County Courthouse, 311 Grand Avenue, Bellingham, WA, 98225, (360)676-6784.
  • Juveniles (individuals under 18 years of age) or parents of juveniles who are defendants in criminal proceedings must request police reports from the Whatcom County Prosecutor’s Office – Juvenile Division at the Whatcom County Courthouse, 311 Grand Avenue, Bellingham, WA, 98225, (360)676-6784.

If you would like a copy of a motor vehicle collision report:

The officer’s report is usually written at the end of a shift, then it must go through the review and approval process prior to releasing copies. It can normally be ready within a day or two.

You may call (360)354-2828 or email lyndenpd@lyndenwa.org and provide your name, location of the accident, and general date, to request that an accident report be mailed to you. It will be mailed to the name and address on the officer’s report.

You may also come into the LPD office at 203 19th Street, Lynden, WA, provide your ID and we will make a copy for you while you wait. Please call first so that we can make sure the report is available.

There is no payment required for providing the first copy of a motor vehicle accident report to the drivers or other parties involved in the accident. Additional requests from drivers or other involved parties for 2nd or 3rd copies will be $8 each. Third party requestors will also be charged $8 for each accident report provided.

For all other requests for Lynden Police Department records:

  • To assist you with your request, please download the Request for Records Form HERE, fill in as much specific detail as possible, so we are able to locate the records you are seeking. You may also make your request via a letter or email – please make sure you give us enough information to locate or identify the records. When we receive your request, we will need to locate and review the records, review the applicable laws, then make the copies for you. Please be aware that portions of requested records, or possibly the entire record may be exempt from disclosure.
  • Please let us know if you would like the records mailed when you make your request, otherwise you will be notified when your records are ready for pick up. Identification may be required depending on the records being released. Every effort will be made to fill your request in two to five working days. If we believe we will need more time to provide you records, you will be notified. If you have not heard from us at the end of five full working days, please call us Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm at 354-2828 so we can check on the status of your request.

The standard fee to cover copying costs is .15 per page plus postage & envelope costs. This fee may be waived for simple requests with a small number of pages. There is usually no charge to victims of certain crimes, or other situations in which the fee may be waived.