How Vacation Watch Program Works

The Lynden Police Department is happy to keep watch over your residence while it is temporarily unoccupied as often as staffing permits. For the safety of everyone involved, please do not request a Vacation Watch if someone will be staying at your residence at any time during your absence.

Please keep in mind that the Vacation Watch Program is a public service for residents who will be away from home for a limited amount of time. The Vacation Watch is not intended to be a real estate watch or to monitor vacant residences. If you would like your property to be monitored while vacant, please contact a private security or real estate company.

We need to accurately know the dates of your departure and return home. If you come home sooner than expected, please call the Lynden Police Department as soon as possible. Our officers will presume that anyone occupying your residence during your stated absence is a probable trespasser.

For any person you have given permission to be at or on the premises of your residence:

  • List all names, purposes for being there, when most likely to be present.
  • List a vehicle description for any vehicle they may drive to your residence (as complete description as you can).
  • State any other information about that person that may be helpful to the officers such as – whether the person is a neighbor, son, employee, etc.

Please be aware that anyone on the premises of your property who is not listed as an individual having your permission to be there, will be considered a suspicious person and would be approached accordingly.

Please give us the name and phone number of someone local that you trust and who is familiar with your situation, so we can contact him or her if needed.

How to Submit Your Request

There are two ways you can submit your request, pick the one that works best for you;

Download the Vacation Watch Request form and bring the completed form to Lynden Police Department.


Complete the online form below, once you hit submit the completed request form will be e-mailed to the Lynden Police Department, a copy of the completed form will also be sent to the email address you provide below.



Request Form