Welcome to the City of Lynden’s Public Works Department. Our overall goal is to provide and maintain the infrastructure of the City of Lynden and to protect the health and welfare of the Lynden residents, businesses and visitors. The Public Works Department has several divisions we would like to introduce you to.

Administration – Our administration staff provide leadership and support through planning, developing, training and coordinating the functions of the entire Public Works Department. The Administration staff works with various government agencies to obtain federal and state funding, we monitor federal and state legislation, insure fiscal responsibility within the entire department, prepare contracts and project specifications, provide project management and oversight, and work closely with the City Council developing the Lynden Municipal Code and planning for Lynden’s vibrant future.

Building – Our building division serves the Lynden community by providing professional services in issuing building permits, performing building inspections and reviewing plans for building contractors and property owners. You will find our Building Permit Application on our website.

Streets/Water Distribution System/Sewer Collection System – You will frequently see our Systems personnel around town repairing potholes and sidewalks, sweeping streets, repairing/replacing water meters and fire hydrants, maintaining water and sewer lines, cleaning storm drains, maintaining traffic signs, and following up on the many requests from Lynden’s citizens – just to name a few activities this dedicated and hardworking division is responsible for. Citizen requests may be placed during regular work hours at 360-354-3446.

The Systems staff is also on-call 24-7 for emergencies such as a broken water line, a sewer backup or hazardous street conditions. They can be reached after hours by calling 360-815-5755.

Water/Wastewater Plants and Compost Facility – The water plant staff in this division provides for the efficient, environmentally sound and safe management of water quality and quantity provided to Lynden and its service area. Water is withdrawn from the Nooksack River and pumped to the water treatment plant where it is treated to a high quality that meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements before being distributed to you!

This same staff manages the wastewater plant and pump station facilities that collect and transport sewage from homes, businesses and industries; and manages the waste through a complex process where the solid remains are used to make compost and the water remains are treated and discharged back into the Nooksack River – clean and ready to be utilized by fish, other aquatic species and county residents downstream.

The Operations staff is on-call 24-7 making sure the plants are working smoothly.

All Public Works Department downloadable forms and applications can be found HERE. All forms and applications for the City of Lynden can be found HERE.

The City of Lynden is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider